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Tescor's software has been designed specifically for applications in the field of calorimeters and sophisticated Environmental Test Facilities.

Tescor offers the following choices of Data Acquisition System (DAS) / Automation packages:

  • Balanced Ambient Room Calorimeters
  • Psychrometric Test Rooms (including Std. Tests A & B, Dry Coil Test, and Cyclic Tests)
  • Evaporator Calorimeters
  • Condenser Calorimeters
  • Radiator Calorimeters
  • Heater Core Calorimeters
  • Charge Air Cooler Calorimeters
  • Automotive Compressor Calorimeters
  • HVAC Compressor Calorimeters
  • Compressor Endurance Test Stands
  • Compressor Slug Test Benches
  • Automotive Air Conditioning System Calorimeters

Tescor Software is developed to work not only with Tescor-provided hardware, but with user-supplied Data Acquisition hardware as well.

Tescor's standard DAS and Supervisory Control System consists of:

  • 12, 16 or 18 bit Resolution High Speed Data Acquisition Unit
  • Pentium based computer
  • Calorimeter Automation and Control Software

Tescor's standard software utilizes portions of the Microsoft Office Suite such as Excel, Word and Access for data analysis, reporting and storage. The test system provides an easy to use graphical user interface.

Detailed Software Description

This software has all the features necessary to execute the acquisition/control/security part of the requirements with a simple configuration of tests.

All software is installed on the PC with communication and/or I/O boards and the corresponding drivers.

The Tescor software is available in English and a number of other languages. 

The Tescor Data Acquisition System Software is composed of three main modules: Test Setup Editor, Instrumentation Check and Calibration Tool

Test Setup Editor

The Editor creates the test configuration (control set conditions, test unit data, etc...) and the test itself. Its main features include:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Simple, natural and logical test configuration definitions.
  • Multiple windows for each component definition.
  • Immediate checking of syntax errors.
Start/Restart capabilities

Our Software is able to restart a test from the point it stopped (manually or from a security condition). It can also be done automatically with a "restart cycle". This allows restarting a test with only one operation. Tescor’s DAS Software executes restart cycle and then resumes execution at the exact point the test had been stopped. This feature greatly enhances productivity, saving operator time on restarts after Unit Under Test minor faults.

Relative or absolute monitoring of channels versus fixed set points or other channels. Does not lead to a shutdown cycle but enables a warning for the user on specific conditions (E.G. temperature too high) before the channel crosses a security limit.

Instrumentation Check

The Instrumentation Check runs the configuration on the data acquisition test hardware in real-time. Its main features include:

  • Data acquisition and control in real time.
  • Analog and digital inputs and outputs, counters, timers.
  • Communication testing with external hardware.
  • Setup and Debug hardware and sensors without the need to run a test profile.
Calibration Tool

This software achieves the following capabilities:

  • Defines channel calibration to be executed.
  • Enter sensor table.
  • Define the channel calibration for the electrical signal and the sensor range.
  • Create/modify calibration session.
  • Execute a calibration session for the selected channels.
  • Verify and control an existing calibration.
  • Database management.

Other Tools

In addition to the three main modules, Tescor’s Software features tools that allow:

  • Encryption of result files.
  • Post-processing of statistical data.
  • Retrieval of test reports.
  • Exporting test data results to various file types.