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DOE Issues 2 New Efficiency Standards


The Department of Energy will raise efficiency standards in 2 areas of the HVAC industry. First, in commercial air conditioners and furnaces; second in commercial and industrial water pumps. These new standards are covered in the February issue of the ASHRAE Journal.

As for commercial air conditioning and furnaces, the standards will be implemented in 2 phases. The first phase will begin in 2018, which requires a 13% efficiency improvement in commercial buildings’ AC and furnaces. The second phase will start in 2023, and require an additional 15% efficiency improvement.

The DOE reports the new standards will save more energy than any other standard issued before. Businesses could save an estimated $167 billion on their utility bills, and carbon pollution will be reduced by 885 million metric tons.

The DOE also issued a new final rule for commercial and industrial clean-water pumps. These standards apply to pumps between 1-200 horsepower. The standard will require pumps in the bottom 25%, in terms of efficiency, to be redesigned.

What Started as two engineers in a garage with a design idea, is now one of Bucks County’s fastest growing manufacturers. 25 Years later, Jacques Boudin and Charlie Beaver still are just as passionate about their product, and have instilled that energy into their employees.

Since its inception, Tescor has been focused on Calorimetry and Environmental Testing Chambers. This year, Tescor will be celebrating the past 25 years of excellence in climatic simulation, while remaining focused on its promising future.

Email banners, picture slides, Anniversary Lunch/cookout, press releases, and much more will roll out at various times of the year to celebrate Tescor’s momentous milestone. Tescor will also be highlighting long time employees/clients, industry awards, and company expansions to mark the event. Look out for these promotions in the coming months.

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