Tescor Launches New E-Commerce Site

Warminster, Pa.- July 2016. Tescor, Inc. is excited to announce it has launched a new e-commerce site. Now, existing customers can purchase online replacement parts for Tescor equipment.

If you have a part that needs to be replaced,just go to tescorparts.com, enter in your part ID number, and get a quote for the part.

Other Tescor services are also available on the site, such as maintenance contracts or Tescor Connect. Operations manuals for your Tescor equipment are now available for purchase. Choose between a hard copy or a CD copy. Click on the link below to start browsing.


Tescor and Employees Enjoy the Fruits of their Labor

Warminster, Pa.- May 2016. If you asked the employees and foundersback in 1991 what Tescor would be like in 2016, I imagine it would be hard for them to visualize a quarter century into the future.Now, 2016 is present day and this OEM has exceeded any possible expectations of its members.

Tescor has been celebratingits 25th anniversary all year long, with web promotions and content. Recently a company lunch-in marked the milestone, which was hosted by Spring Mill Country Club. The lunch was elegantly catered with item’s including Filet Mignon to Apple Cobbler Dessert.

Employees were honored who hold 5, 10, 15, and even 20 years of service at the company. Many of the company founders gave speeches, which included rousing stories from years gone by. Also, those who worked at the company and have passed away, were honored in memoriam. Everyone left with a commemorative glassware giveaway.

Truly this was a day to remember our past accomplishments, and look ahead to the bright future of Tescor, Inc. Now the question is: What will Tescor be like in 2041?