Tescor Set to Ship Balanced Ambient Calorimeter to Saudi Based Bureau Veritas.

Tescor has designed and built a Balanced Ambient Calorimeter for Bureau Veritas, which will ship to Saudi Arabia in January 2016. The BAC is designed to evaluate performance of terminal air conditioners, including units with heat pumps. The Calorimeter’s design exceeds the requirements of the applicable ASHRAE standards.

Images of Similar Calorimeters will be on display at Tescor’s ASHRAE Expo Booth. The 2016 ASHRAE Trade Show will be held in Orlando, Florida from January 25th-27th.

The Calorimeter rooms consist of side by side indoor and outdoor chambers, each having independent control of temperature, humidity and air circulation.

The rooms have an annular space, which simultaneously maintains the same climatic conditions as the test chamber. This minimizes the chance of error in capacity measurement. Specifically, consecutive testing of a UUT at the same condition yields less than 1% capacity variation for 90% of repeat tests.

A key element to this Calorimeter is the accurate measurement of water added to the Indoor and Outdoor rooms. The BAC accomplishes nearly errorless measurement, by allowing exact measurement of all moisture added to the room.

Tescor’s BAC is also energy efficient. The cooling of the Calorimeter rooms is done by a chilled glycol/water loop, which services both indoor and outdoor rooms. Energy is conserved thanks to the synchronous cooling of one room, while the other heats. This method of control provides temperature stability in each room of ± 1%.

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