Warminster, PA, February 2012 – Tescor, Inc. has recently delivered the 4th in a series of Transportable Field-Conditioning Units for Redstone Arsenal. Each TFCU provides extreme high and low temperature environments to a standard test Chamber (TC) year round, unprotected in a temperate climate. The equipment is mounted on a 25-foot, 12-ton, tandem axle tagalong trailer that satisfies all Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for day or night interstate highway travel at up to 65 mph without the need for any oversize permits. On graded dirt roads the trailers are capable of speeds of 25 mph. This allows for a great deal of flexibility in the utilization and positioning of the TFCU on the Redstone Army Base or other military facilities, if needed.

The TFCU includes a temperature control system that monitors and controls the temperature of the air in Test Chambers in a range from -65°F to 160°F using a programmable controller located on the main control panel. The controller stores a minimum of 4 user programmable profiles with 24-program steps minimum per profile.

The Conditioning Equipment Unit is mounted within an enclosure mounted on the trailer and is electrically powered by 460 VAC, 3 phase, and 60 Hz power. The refrigeration system is a cascade system that delivers 14 tons of cooling and can pull down the Chamber temperature from ambient to -65°F in 12 hours using HFC refrigerants R-508B for the low stage and R-404A for the high stage. All controls and displays are mounted on the main control panel with clear weather proof covers on the side of the RFCU.

The TFCU is equipped with a fused, main power disconnect box protected by a NEMA 3R rainproof enclosure. Also provided is a 125-foot power cable stored directly on the trailer.

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