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TESCOR is the world leader in Climatic Testing Equipment for the Automotive, HVAC, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries.


Tescor manufactures calorimeters and test benches for the Automotive and HVAC industries. This equipment includes compressor calorimeters, endurance test benches, slug test benches and locked rotor test benches. In addition, we build surface calorimeters for testing radiators, condensers, heater cores, oil coolers and charge air coolers. Specifically for the HVAC industry we offer both Balanced Ambient Room and Psychrometric Test Facility calorimeters. All of our equipment is built to meet or exceed the requirements of applicable ASHRAE, ISO and AHRI standards.


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Tescor manufactures a line of walk-in rooms. These include cold rooms, incubator rooms, freezer rooms and temperature & humidity controlled environmental rooms. These rooms and freezers are used for many purposes from drug storage to human performance testing. Tescor’s walk-in rooms come in a wide range of standard sizes or we can customize a room size to fit your specific needs.


Tescor utilizes over a century of combined engineering experience to provide innovative solutions to solve our clients’ testing and storage problems. From China to Brazil, from Canada to Australia, companies around the globe count on Tescor’s creative precision approach to solve their most complex climatic testing problems. Contact us today to make your world better tomorrow.